Invest in Padel Africa

First published on 15 September 2022

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Don't miss this opportunity to earn money and support the growth of Padel.

The world's fastest growing sport is now being introduced on the world's fastest growing continent. After 1.5 years of preparation, Padel Africa AB's board with Michael Mathiesen (CEO Padel Africa), Erik Andersson (CEO Padeltotal) as well as Morten Wiegandt (CEO PadeliQ) and Håkan Hollerup (Chairman Bambwa Group) have decided to issue10-14 million new shares in the company. The price per share is SEK 1.50.In the next 2 years, 50 Padel Africa centers are going to be established in large African cities, in close cooperation with a number of well-known Africans.

As expressed by the slogan, "Padel, more than sport!" the company has created a unique and attractive combination of business model and Impact.

This weekend you can meet Padel Africa at Padel Expo 2022, Stockholm, and in the coming weeks at a number of investor presentations in Denmark and Sweden. Join us!