About Padel Africa

Who we are

We believe that Africa is the next growth centre of the world and that it provides immense opportunities for the few who take the leap and expand to Africa. On the other hand, we are also very aware that in order to succeed in Africa, it requires in-depth understanding of the product you would like to offer, and a thorough understanding of the market.

We are confident that our team has the required prerequisites to succeed. We are a conglomerate of padel enthusiasts and business profiles. Combined we have started over 100 companies, sold 2000 courts, worked 20 years with Padel and 30 years of business experience from Sub Saharan Africa.

Why we do this

Our purpose in everything we do, is to try and improve quality of life.

We believe many different offerings can provide the platform to improve quality of life, and that it merely comes down to focus, creativity and execution as to how much it will be.

Many people overlook the African continent when they are looking for new markets to expand to. This is a shame, as the impact one can do here, supersedes almost anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, the continent is often reduced to an unfair generalisation. The continent is as diverse as any other.

There are though some common denominators among the Africans we have met: They have a high focus on family and friends, they love to have fun and appreciate if some movement is involved. Besides this, the continent is growing rapidly, both in terms of population and purchasing power.

For those reasons we feel padel and Sub Saharan Africa is a perfect match and we will work tirelessly to bring Africa along on this global trend.

What are we going to do?

We are going to bring padel to Sub Saharan Africa.

We are going to act as a court distributor and build our own complexes.

The main targets for the courts we sell are hotels, resorts, compounds and similar. We will provide them with everything they need, so they can offer this unique and fun experience to their guests and visitors.

The complexes we are going to build will have a large focus on serving as a community hub. We want people to come, stay and enjoy themselves and the company. Padel has the ability to break down social barriers and will provide a platform for people to meet each other and form friendships and network.

We will offer both the courts and the complexes as a turnkey solution, to ensure scalability and deployment speed.

How are we going to do it?

We have a focus on involvement, participation and collaboration. This is why we are working hard to internalise the partners we currently work with, and the future partners of the venture.

For this reason we are crowdfunding part of the venture. We want to bring on like minded people who share our passion for padel, Africa or a combination, on this journey.

We are currently selling courts in Africa. This will pave the way for the introduction of the sport, create some demand, and also create some cash flow to fund the complexes.

Within the next quarter we will start constructing our first complexes.

Are you interested in partnering with the Number 1 African Padel company?

At this very early stage in our development we are interested in finding partners from all sectors to investigate partnership possibilities. If this sounds like you - get in touch.

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