What happens when

The world's fastest growing sport meets the world's fastest growing continent?

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So, what happens when the fastest growing sport meets the fastest growing continent? Incredible, exciting, life changing things of course. Especially if you are one of the canny people sharp enough to get involved early.

This is an opportunity to be a part of a transformative journey. To be a part of the process of bringing a new sport and lifestyle activity to an entire continent.

Some background information

Padel has seen incredible growth in Europe over the last decade. The ease of play has enabled padel to scale and mature faster than any other sport. So much so that it is planned to be an exhibition sport at the Olympics 2024 and potentially an olympic sport in 2028.

Padel Africa is a company that is prepared and committed to bringing the sport to Africa.

Backed by Nordic-African venture capital company Bambwa Group, and led by their founder and CEO, Michael Mathiesen, Padel Africa was founded in 2021 in partnership with two of Scandinavia's largest padel businesses - Sweden's Padel Total and Denmark's Sportyfriends (Owners of the Padel iQ software).

With partners on the ground in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Liberia and several other African nations, Padel Africa is perfectly placed to lead the charge of pioneering padel across Africa.

What do we want from you?

We are looking for investors eager to be a part of an exciting and groundbreaking investment.

We are just about to set off on a roadshow where we will present to audiences across Denmark and Sweden (see dates and locations on this page).

We would like you to join us to learn:

  • Why are we committed to bringing padel to Africa.
  • Who is on our team.
  • What makes us so capable of succeeding.
  • How you can join us.

Are you interested in partnering with the Number 1 African Padel company?

At this very early stage in our development we are interested in finding partners from all sectors to investigate partnership possibilities. If this sounds like you - get in touch.

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